3 Survival Tips That You Should Apply before Renting Storage for Home Renovation

Renovated spaces can help homeowners boost their comfort and well being in their own environment, and also generate neighborhood envy and put a bigger price tag on their property. While any remodeling process requires quite a bit of time and energy to yield the best results, a properly planned home renovation should never be seen as a source of anxiety.

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3 Expert Tips on How to Make the Most of Offsite Storage while Renovating

On the contrary, you can turn your renovation project into a wonderful experience by opting for the most convenient storage solution and by following the three basic survival tips detailed below.

  1. Find the Storage Option That Works Best for You.

    Full storage unitStart by researching your options in terms of storage. Find out how much space you need to accommodate all your household contents. While onsite storage may be a good choice for people conducting less complicated remodeling work, ampler processes usually demand safe and secure offsite storage. Here’s why: bulky appliances and furniture can interfere with painting or construction work.

    At the same time, the dirt and debris generated during a normal home renovation can get your gadgets, clothes or valuable artworks covered in thick layers of dust. Moreover, construction work may expose delicate items to increased breakage risks. Fortunately, you could avoid all these worst case scenarios by simply renting storage units and storage containers offered by a local company whose mission is to simplify your renovation process. Such providers usually charge affordable monthly rates, allowing you to customize your storage experience based on your specific needs, budget, and the duration of your remodelling project.

  1. Stay Organized.

    No matter what type of storage solution you’re planning on using, create your own storage system and stick to it to prevent damages, losses or theft. If you’re contemplating the idea of storing your goods in a spare room inside your house or in an offsite storage unit, buy and use a few clear plastic bins or any other kind of containers that you could label and place on shelves and racks to ensure a more rapid visualization of your contents. Also, keep a list of all the things that you’ve deposited outside your home to avoid losing or misplacing some of your most valuable personal effects.

  2. Opt for Best-Value Service Provided by a Local Storage Provider.

    Storage Truck Usage Free
    Why spend more money on extra storage-related services, when you can pay the right price for a complete package and redirect your resources towards your renovation? For instance, aside from renting you the space that you need to accommodate your things for a certain period of time, some companies like Storage Perth WA (http://www.storageperthwa.com.au), who we used recently, also encourage their clients to make use of their free moving truck to transport their belongings in a completely safe and convenient manner. The free pick-up of bulky, packed items is a great advantage, especially for people who want to avoid the extra costs linked to expensive moving services.


All in all, inexpensive, professional storage solutions designed to cater to the specific needs of families involved in home renovations enable clients to stay organized around the clock, de-clutter and transform their spaces, and achieve peace of mind knowing that their personal belongings are stored safely and securely offsite.

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