How to Choose the Best Skip Bins for your Renovation Waste

Skip bin services

Skip bins are handy storage solutions that help homeowners stage their properties, get ready for a big move, or give the green light to a successful, stress-free renovation or remodeling project. If you’re planning on rent storage space offsite, keep in mind that skip bins are much appreciated for their versatility, affordability and accessibility.

Choosing the Right Storage Containers before Starting a Home Renovation

Portable and easy to transport from point A to point B, these containers can accommodate a wide range of household contents, including your appliances and furniture. If you’re wondering how you could choose the best bins for your project, here are two tips that you should apply to make an informed decision.

  1. Shop around. These days, you can stumble across numerous providers of skip bin hire services via a simple, time-efficient online search. Many companies stock and rent a plethora of skip bins available in different shapes and sizes, tailored to meet the requirements of different industries and simplify the efforts of people responsible with construction work, rubbish cleanup, or home renovations.

    Given that so many businesses fight for supremacy on this overcrowded market, most skip bin providers take pride in the competitive rates and flexible leases that they offer. Some even go the extra mile to address the stringent needs of their customers, by arranging for the skips to be shipped and collected on the very same day, or by letting their customers order skips online, rapidly and conveniently.

    Considering the myriad of appealing options available at hand, potential clients should do their homework before choosing a specific provider of skip bins, to save time and money while making use of the ideal storage solution for their renovation project.

  1. Choose the Best-Sized Bin based on the Nature and Extent of Your Project. When it comes to renting an offsite storage solution that you could move around and access with ease, don’t let your selection process be influenced solely by financial aspects. In other words, don’t opt for the cheapest storage space that you could find locally. Instead, figure out how much space you realistically need to avoid clutter and keep the house clean pre and post-renovation. If needed, use space estimators to make the best call.

    skip-bin-hire-perthAlso, choose the size of the skip bin based on the area that you are planning on working on. For instance, bathroom renovations usually involve the disposal of floor and wall tiles, curtain rails, cabinetry, and maybe even a bathtub. All these items could fit inside a 3 cubic meter skip. A kitchen may require a slightly bigger container, considering that this part of the house encompasses different types of bulky appliances and furniture. In most cases, a 4 cubic meter skip is big enough to accommodate all the contents that you no longer want to see in the kitchen during the ample makeover.

    If you’re eager to get rid of junk items, rent a 3 cubic meter skip to get the job done. On the other hand, if your intention is to clear out a house completely, you should arm yourself with a lot of patience, take a few days off work or hire a team of movers, and rent a 20 cubic meter skip bin to remove all the items that you wish to pack. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to discuss your options in terms of offsite storage with your favorite removalists who could help you choose the best-sized skip bins for your special renovation project.