5 Aspects to Consider Before Investing Your Resources in Bathroom Renovations


Bathroom renovations are complex, laborious home improvement projects that lead to a superior level of comfort and satisfaction, while also improving the overall resale value of the entire property. Given that such projects could never be considered small, simple undertakings, all owners should do their homework and discuss their options with bathroom makeover experts before choosing fixtures and tearing down walls.

Before getting into 5 important aspects you can focus on before getting started, here is a quick video with 45 small bathroom design ideas.

5 Important Aspects That You Should Focus on before Starting Bathroom Renovations

Here are 5 key aspects that any contractor will advise his or her clients to focus on before giving the green light to bathroom remodeling work.

  1. Estimated Costs.

    Naturally, before beginning any type of remodeling project, one should assess the total costs that it would involve. During this phase, you should analyse a sum of factors, including the size of the space that you wish to transform, the adjustment that you want to make, labour-related expenses, and the quality and price tag of the materials that you will use to achieve your goals.

  1. An Ideal Balance Between Practical and Aesthetic Value.

    Every new element that homeowners add to their bathroom design should be envisioned and implemented with their utilitarian and aesthetic value in mind. For instance, when it comes to choosing a type of flooring, one should evaluate each available option based on important criteria such as maintenance requirements, cost, appeal and estimated lifespan for an all round more efficient renovation. For example, glazed or porcelain types are listed among the best types of easy-care flooring. Those looking for non-slip floors should focus on popular, appealing matte finishes and textured surfaces that ensure a better grip.
    Pactical Bathroom Design

  1. Pay Attention to the Lighting Scheme of Your Bathroom.

    Here’s a lesson that any experienced interior decorator or contractor can teach you: success is in the sum of unique details that add a personal touch to your indoors. If you’re looking forward to turning your bathroom into a more comfortable and alluring space on a budget, start by working on its lighting scheme. A perfect combination of task, ambient, decorative and accent lighting can take any room from dark and unwelcoming to chic and extremely inviting.

  1. High-End Materials and Luxurious Accents.

    luxurious-bathroom-materialsBecause bathrooms are tiny spaces with a clearly defined practical purpose, many owners tend to ignore the importance of one-of-a-kind decorative accents that could take their design to the next level. Don’t hesitate to check out a wide range of high-end finishes and materials that could add real value to your bathroom renovations, making your space seem more luxurious and attractive. A custom bathtub with an intriguing shape, cabinets made of exotic materials, such as bamboo, or upscale floor coverings can become the focal point of your bathroom, and turn even the smallest room into a glamorous oasis of relaxation.

  1. Storage.

    Storage requirements are another key aspect that you should take into account before starting a bathroom remodeling project. Start by figuring out how much space you actually need inside your bathroom to deposit the items that you use on a regular basis-think toiletries, towels and bathrobes. If you’re planning on upgrading a small bathroom, consider investing in a shallow cabinet, add shelves above your sink, place one or more chic, sturdy baskets above the toilet, and opt for clever inside cabinet-door storage ideas to deposit small appliances, such as hair dryers and curling irons.

At the end of the day, any type of bathroom remodeling will pay off as long as you focus on the five elements listed above. Make changes with your aesthetic, utilitarian and storage-related necessities in mind, and personalize your space based on your budget, taste and personal preferences.