5 Aspects to Consider Before Investing Your Resources in Bathroom Renovations


Bathroom renovations are complex, laborious home improvement projects that lead to a superior level of comfort and satisfaction, while also improving the overall resale value of the entire property. Given that such projects could never be considered small, simple undertakings, all owners should do their homework and discuss their options with bathroom makeover experts before choosing fixtures and tearing down walls.

Before getting into 5 important aspects you can focus on before getting started, here is a quick video with 45 small bathroom design ideas.

5 Important Aspects That You Should Focus on before Starting Bathroom Renovations

Here are 5 key aspects that any contractor will advise his or her clients to focus on before giving the green light to bathroom remodeling work.

  1. Estimated Costs.

    Naturally, before beginning any type of remodeling project, one should assess the total costs that it would involve. During this phase, you should analyse a sum of factors, including the size of the space that you wish to transform, the adjustment that you want to make, labour-related expenses, and the quality and price tag of the materials that you will use to achieve your goals.

  1. An Ideal Balance Between Practical and Aesthetic Value.

    Every new element that homeowners add to their bathroom design should be envisioned and implemented with their utilitarian and aesthetic value in mind. For instance, when it comes to choosing a type of flooring, one should evaluate each available option based on important criteria such as maintenance requirements, cost, appeal and estimated lifespan for an all round more efficient renovation. For example, glazed or porcelain types are listed among the best types of easy-care flooring. Those looking for non-slip floors should focus on popular, appealing matte finishes and textured surfaces that ensure a better grip.
    Pactical Bathroom Design

  1. Pay Attention to the Lighting Scheme of Your Bathroom.

    Here’s a lesson that any experienced interior decorator or contractor can teach you: success is in the sum of unique details that add a personal touch to your indoors. If you’re looking forward to turning your bathroom into a more comfortable and alluring space on a budget, start by working on its lighting scheme. A perfect combination of task, ambient, decorative and accent lighting can take any room from dark and unwelcoming to chic and extremely inviting.

  1. High-End Materials and Luxurious Accents.

    luxurious-bathroom-materialsBecause bathrooms are tiny spaces with a clearly defined practical purpose, many owners tend to ignore the importance of one-of-a-kind decorative accents that could take their design to the next level. Don’t hesitate to check out a wide range of high-end finishes and materials that could add real value to your bathroom renovations, making your space seem more luxurious and attractive. A custom bathtub with an intriguing shape, cabinets made of exotic materials, such as bamboo, or upscale floor coverings can become the focal point of your bathroom, and turn even the smallest room into a glamorous oasis of relaxation.

  1. Storage.

    Storage requirements are another key aspect that you should take into account before starting a bathroom remodeling project. Start by figuring out how much space you actually need inside your bathroom to deposit the items that you use on a regular basis-think toiletries, towels and bathrobes. If you’re planning on upgrading a small bathroom, consider investing in a shallow cabinet, add shelves above your sink, place one or more chic, sturdy baskets above the toilet, and opt for clever inside cabinet-door storage ideas to deposit small appliances, such as hair dryers and curling irons.

At the end of the day, any type of bathroom remodeling will pay off as long as you focus on the five elements listed above. Make changes with your aesthetic, utilitarian and storage-related necessities in mind, and personalize your space based on your budget, taste and personal preferences.

Turn your home into a thing of beauty with spray-on concrete resurfacing

concrete resurfacing

If you are like the majority of homeowners who are out there, you are probably on the hunt for ways through which you can make improvements in and around your home. In most cases, this involves having a spritely garden and, perhaps, repainting both the interior and exterior of your house. What most people do not understand, however, is that this is only part of the story.  Impressing friends and neighbors starts with the first thing that people set their eyes on when they visit your property; your pavement and driveway.

Spray on concrete resurfacing

The easiest way through which swimming pool surrounds, driveways, patios, and paths can be turned into things of beauty involves the use of spray on concrete resurfacing. Not only is this option affordable, but it also gives your home the kind of fresh look that you have always dreamed about. The great thing about spray on surfaces is that they allow you to let your imagination run wild, as far as resurfacing your driveway is concerned.

Most home owners, of course, prefer to be conservative, but that does not mean that the final surface does not have to be beautiful. In fact, whatever the company that you choose to have do the work will have a wide range of stencils from which you can choose the pattern that best fits your aesthetic aspirations.

Add colour to your driveway

Choosing the spray-on resurfacing option also allows you to add colour to your driveway. This is a truly great way through which you can renew the beauty of your property. Instead of removing the entire driveway and redoing it, all that you need to do is add a decorative layer, which transforms it into an entirely new surface. What’s more, you can also add special effects, including fleck, highlights, coving and other unique features.


Worried about concrete floors that become a hazard whenever it rains? Well, you don’t have to anymore with spray-on concrete resurfacing. The many style options that you get when repaving the outside of your home offer non-slip surfaces.

Boost your home’s value

Other than turning it into a thing of beauty, spray-on decorative concrete surfaces have the much more important task of boosting the value of your home. This is one of the things that, without doubt, the majority of home owners are always on the lookout for.  

Should you, at some point, decide to sell your property, one of the first views that any prospective buyer will have will be that of the driveway. That is the major reason why you should strive to transform it from drab and uninspiring, into something that will stop people in their tracks.

Easy application

One of the most notable things about spray on concrete surfaces is the fact that they are so easy to apply. Work is usually done using an air powered hopper gun. Another great thing is that decorative concrete resurfacing can be applied to any concrete surface that is structurally sound. Application adds a 2-3mm decorative layer to the existing flooring. This makes it easy for you to turn your property in something for which you will truly be proud of.

When It’s Time To Get Professional Tree Removal Services


Tree Removal Experts

How will you know when it’s time to get professional tree removal services? It is important that as a property owner, trees are removed when necessary to ensure the safety of everyone. Trees can be dangerous when they are decaying, have broken branches, or get in the way of buildings and power lines. Here are five times you need to consider getting a professional tree removal service.

When They Are Growing Too Close To Power Lines or Buildings

Trees can become very dangerous, especially when growing too close to power lines or houses. They can knock out power for you and your neighbors and cause other problems during strong storms. The closer trees and branches are to the lines, the more dangerous they become. Whether you need a tree removed completely because it is too close to a power line, or just trimmed, it is important to call in the professionals. They are specially trained to make sure the process goes smoothly and those involved are kept safe.

When There Are Dead Branches or Discolored Leaves

Dead branches and discolored leaves can be normal during some seasons, but if you notice it when they should be nice and healthy, it may be time to call in the experts. If there are growths, dead branches, or fungus on any part of your trees, you may need some professional help to determine your next steps. When too much of the tree is decayed, there are no other options than to remove the tree.

When There Are Hollow Trunks or You Notice Trees Swaying More Than Usual

If a tree is more than 50% decayed, chances are, it is not coming back to life.  If trees are swaying, they can be very dangerous to you, your family and your property. Anytime a tree has a hollow trunk, it is an indication that it is unhealthy. It would be a shame if a tree damaged your roof or if branches broke through your windows. This can all be prevented by having the professionals help you. Don’t wait for those swaying trees to fall and make a bigger problem.

After a Powerful Storm

After powerful storms, branches can be strewn all over your yard, or trees can be damaged beyond repair. Whether you need your yard cleared, or a broken or split tree to be removed, you can call a professional tree removal service to do the work for you. It takes a lot of time, energy and sometimes large equipment, which they have. Don’t break your back trying to do it yourself.

When Needing To Clear a Lot

If you have just bought property or are looking to clear some space in your yard, call the professionals. They have the equipment needed to make sure the job is done right. Removing trees does not only involve knocking them down, but also removing them from your property, and even taking out stumps. Professional tree removal services can do all this for you.

Removing trees from your property is a big job. It can also be a dangerous job. Leave it up to the tree removal experts. Know when it is the right time to call a tree removal service to help you clean up your yard or prevent a bigger mess.

How to Choose the Best Skip Bins for your Renovation Waste

Skip bin services

Skip bins are handy storage solutions that help homeowners stage their properties, get ready for a big move, or give the green light to a successful, stress-free renovation or remodeling project. If you’re planning on rent storage space offsite, keep in mind that skip bins are much appreciated for their versatility, affordability and accessibility.

Choosing the Right Storage Containers before Starting a Home Renovation

Portable and easy to transport from point A to point B, these containers can accommodate a wide range of household contents, including your appliances and furniture. If you’re wondering how you could choose the best bins for your project, here are two tips that you should apply to make an informed decision.

  1. Shop around. These days, you can stumble across numerous providers of skip bin hire services via a simple, time-efficient online search. Many companies stock and rent a plethora of skip bins available in different shapes and sizes, tailored to meet the requirements of different industries and simplify the efforts of people responsible with construction work, rubbish cleanup, or home renovations.

    Given that so many businesses fight for supremacy on this overcrowded market, most skip bin providers take pride in the competitive rates and flexible leases that they offer. Some even go the extra mile to address the stringent needs of their customers, by arranging for the skips to be shipped and collected on the very same day, or by letting their customers order skips online, rapidly and conveniently.

    Considering the myriad of appealing options available at hand, potential clients should do their homework before choosing a specific provider of skip bins, to save time and money while making use of the ideal storage solution for their renovation project.

  1. Choose the Best-Sized Bin based on the Nature and Extent of Your Project. When it comes to renting an offsite storage solution that you could move around and access with ease, don’t let your selection process be influenced solely by financial aspects. In other words, don’t opt for the cheapest storage space that you could find locally. Instead, figure out how much space you realistically need to avoid clutter and keep the house clean pre and post-renovation. If needed, use space estimators to make the best call.

    skip-bin-hire-perthAlso, choose the size of the skip bin based on the area that you are planning on working on. For instance, bathroom renovations usually involve the disposal of floor and wall tiles, curtain rails, cabinetry, and maybe even a bathtub. All these items could fit inside a 3 cubic meter skip. A kitchen may require a slightly bigger container, considering that this part of the house encompasses different types of bulky appliances and furniture. In most cases, a 4 cubic meter skip is big enough to accommodate all the contents that you no longer want to see in the kitchen during the ample makeover.

    If you’re eager to get rid of junk items, rent a 3 cubic meter skip to get the job done. On the other hand, if your intention is to clear out a house completely, you should arm yourself with a lot of patience, take a few days off work or hire a team of movers, and rent a 20 cubic meter skip bin to remove all the items that you wish to pack. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to discuss your options in terms of offsite storage with your favorite removalists who could help you choose the best-sized skip bins for your special renovation project.

3 Survival Tips That You Should Apply before Renting Storage for Home Renovation

Renovated spaces can help homeowners boost their comfort and well being in their own environment, and also generate neighborhood envy and put a bigger price tag on their property. While any remodeling process requires quite a bit of time and energy to yield the best results, a properly planned home renovation should never be seen as a source of anxiety.

Storage Unit Hire

3 Expert Tips on How to Make the Most of Offsite Storage while Renovating

On the contrary, you can turn your renovation project into a wonderful experience by opting for the most convenient storage solution and by following the three basic survival tips detailed below.

  1. Find the Storage Option That Works Best for You.

    Full storage unitStart by researching your options in terms of storage. Find out how much space you need to accommodate all your household contents. While onsite storage may be a good choice for people conducting less complicated remodeling work, ampler processes usually demand safe and secure offsite storage. Here’s why: bulky appliances and furniture can interfere with painting or construction work.

    At the same time, the dirt and debris generated during a normal home renovation can get your gadgets, clothes or valuable artworks covered in thick layers of dust. Moreover, construction work may expose delicate items to increased breakage risks. Fortunately, you could avoid all these worst case scenarios by simply renting storage units and storage containers offered by a local company whose mission is to simplify your renovation process. Such providers usually charge affordable monthly rates, allowing you to customize your storage experience based on your specific needs, budget, and the duration of your remodelling project.

  1. Stay Organized.

    No matter what type of storage solution you’re planning on using, create your own storage system and stick to it to prevent damages, losses or theft. If you’re contemplating the idea of storing your goods in a spare room inside your house or in an offsite storage unit, buy and use a few clear plastic bins or any other kind of containers that you could label and place on shelves and racks to ensure a more rapid visualization of your contents. Also, keep a list of all the things that you’ve deposited outside your home to avoid losing or misplacing some of your most valuable personal effects.

  2. Opt for Best-Value Service Provided by a Local Storage Provider.

    Storage Truck Usage Free
    Why spend more money on extra storage-related services, when you can pay the right price for a complete package and redirect your resources towards your renovation? For instance, aside from renting you the space that you need to accommodate your things for a certain period of time, some companies like Storage Perth WA (http://www.storageperthwa.com.au), who we used recently, also encourage their clients to make use of their free moving truck to transport their belongings in a completely safe and convenient manner. The free pick-up of bulky, packed items is a great advantage, especially for people who want to avoid the extra costs linked to expensive moving services.


All in all, inexpensive, professional storage solutions designed to cater to the specific needs of families involved in home renovations enable clients to stay organized around the clock, de-clutter and transform their spaces, and achieve peace of mind knowing that their personal belongings are stored safely and securely offsite.

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